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Corporate donations

We are happy to publicise the brands of the Initiative corporate supporters. Your brand will occupy a special place on our website and in our future facilities in Brazil.

Our plan is to create sectors within the orchard which will be labelled with the names of supporting companies.

Sponsoring just once in any of the sector categories means that your company name will be associated with support for the education of disadvantaged communities for 70 years.


Sponsorship of the orchard’s sectors


olivas pqSupporter ($200): 5 olive trees

Your name/brand as a sponsor on our website and named in our office headquarters.

olivas pqGold ($400): 10 olive trees

Supporter +
your name (or company’s name) on the online map of the orchard as sponsor of a sector.

olivas pqPlatinum ($4,000): 100 olive trees

Gold +
your name (or company’s name) displayed in your sector within the orchard + references to your company as a sponsor in the Initiative’s publicity.

olivas pqReserve ($40,000): 1,000 olive trees

Platinum +
your name (or company’s name) on the labels of the olive oil produced by the Initiative as a project sponsor for 70 years.


We are raising funds on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Platform).