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Lend us $1

olivas pqCan you lend us $1 USD?

If you could donate $1, we will invest your money in olive trees, produce olive oil and refund your donation.

Olive trees start producing by the fourth year of the orchard. However, the trees begin to demonstrate significant production between the eighth and tenth year.

Therefore, we ask you for a donation of $1 to help maintain the orchard during these first 10 years of scarce production. After this first decade of work, we will initiate a refund program for all those who helped in the development of the Social Trees Initiative.


We will allocate 10% of the company’s annual profit from the tenth year of the orchard to refund donations. The refunds will follow the order in which the donations were made, i.e. those who donated first will be refunded first.

Instead of carrying out philanthropic acts, donate $1 and we will produce food and wealth to help poor communities for nearly a century. After all this, we will still return your donation.

It’s a fair deal, isn’t it?


Important: for legal and tax purposes, you will be making a donation to the Social Trees Initiative. After the tenth year of the company’s operation we will start a refund program for all those who helped in the business implementation and wish to receive our thanks.


We are raising funds on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Platform).