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1) I want to donate to the Initiative. Will I receive profits from olive oil production?

No. The Initiative will allocate 100% of the company’s profits to the development of social projects in the area of education. However, if you prefer, we can make a donation to you after the tenth year of the orchard’s production, to the same value as your initial contribution.

2) How will I know where my donation was invested?

We want to work with the maximum transparency for our donors. All company operations will be published on the webpage under “Track your investment”. Also, our supporters are always welcome to contact us to request more information about the project. This is a business to help society, and so all operations must always be transparent.

3) If I make a donation or adopt an olive tree in the Initiative, will I own a part of the company?

No. The company is a nonprofit organisation and your donation does not signify possession of a part of the enterprise.

4) Can I choose in which social projects the company profits will be invested?

Yes, you can help us to choose the projects. In the early years of this social business we would like to hear the preferences of donors as regards the allocation of resources. However, the goal is to develop our own social projects that assist with the education of children and youth within the region of the company orchard.

5) What happens if the Initiative fails to raise the investment necessary for the implementation of the orchard?

The Initiative already has had an indication from a donor who will supply part of the implementation of the minimum activity module (20 hectares). Thus, it is unlikely that the Initiative will not start operation as planned. However, if any problems like this occur, we will refund all donations.

6) What happens if the Initiative raises more funds than is needed for an orchard of 100 hectares?

The estimated cost of USD40 for each tree includes all costs to buy land, and plant and maintain an olive tree until it begins to produce profits. If we raise more than expected, we will plant more trees.

7) What kind of company will be constituted for the production of the olive oil?

The company will be legally classified as a nonprofit organisation in accordance with Brazilian law.

8) Is the company already legally registered?

No, we are working on this process at the moment.

9) How can I be sure that the company will be profitable and will support social projects for 70 years?

Olive trees are a strong plant which yields in poor soils and has a remarkable ability to withstand bad weather. We cannot guarantee the exact size of the company’s results, however, according the data of the sector, we will always produce, receive profits and allocate these profits to social projects. In some years we will produce more than in others due to natural factors, but we will always be able to help with the education of those who are in need.

10) Can I visit the company’s facilities in Brazil?

Yes, once we have established the company, it will always be a pleasure to receive visits from our donors.


We are raising funds on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Platform).